Little Me (Baby)

Newborn Photography in the comfort of your own home!

Precious. Children are the most treasured creations in our lives, a result of two people in love.

Since we met in High School, my husband and I always talked about having kids of our own. To see them for the first time; their little hands, their little feet, their little smiles. To see these precious people for the first time is true love and are our entire world; our “Little Me’s”. Photographing these fleeting and precious moments has always been the fundamental philosophy for us as professional photographers, we don't sell photographs, we capture moments and feelings. Visualizing memories and telling stories about a special time in your life. Two people in love, parents, story tellers, photographers.

We are Sheena and Andrew Heaton.


Newborn Investment:

** 3 in 1 package: MATERNITY, NEWBORN & FAMILY(lifestyle)SESSIONS: BOOK a maternity, newborn and lifestyle newborn family sessions and SAVE $300. Maternity Session includes 40 min of shooting time; on location and 50 edited images. Lifestyle family newborn session includes up to 1 hour of shooting time and 50 edited images. Newborn session includes shooting time of 2-3 hours(dependant on baby's cooperation)and 50 high resolution, retouched digital images, for $700(REG $1000)

**NEWBORN SESSION ONLY: 2-3 hours of shooting time(dependant on baby's cooperation)and 50 high resolution, retouched digital images, for $400

**FAMILY LIFESTYLE NEWBORN SESSION ONLY: approx 1 hour of shooting time(dependant on baby's cooperation)and 50 high resolution, retouched digital images, for $300

**MATERNITY ONLY: On location maternity session; with a shooting time of 40 minutes. Includes 50 high res, edited images for $300. (rent a maternity gown for $40)


More about our Newborn Sessions:

Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. Lasting approximately 2-3 hours, so we have enough time to feed and pose the baby with no rush. As well as sneak in a few Free snuggly Lifestyle family photos. 

Planning your session in advance is very important. We typically pencil you in 5 days after your due date; with the assumption baby will have other plans. The best time to shoot the newborn session is within 2 weeks after birth. At this time babies are more sleepy and curly and we can get most of the cute poses you see here on my website. 

What happens if my baby is already born? You're never too late to book a newborn session. Understanding if baby is older than 2 weeks; sometimes we may only get awake or wrapped up shots. 

We offer all sorts of outfits and baby accessories(for boys or girls), you don’t have to worry about any outfits, headbands, bow ties etc. We bring a small, quick set up for your home. With different coloured backgrounds. (You get the choice of 1-2 backgrounds only. And 3-4 outfits.) we do not bring additional backgrounds or props to your home. You are welcome to provide props, blankets and accessories of your own. Please refer to the gallery for samples of our newborn images.

Snuggly Lifestyle family shots: We always offer you some free lifestyle shots in your home. These are snuggly images of you all as a family. This can be done on your master bed or in your living room. We use the space in your home to compose the shots. It is your responsibility to ensure the space is decorated to your liking. We do not provide decor for your space. We classify the family photos portion of the session as free, as we can never guarantee your living space, lighting in your home, your home decor, baby’s cooperation or the cooperation of your other children, with such a long session. 


Looking forward to capturing such a special time in your life! 

-Sheena Heaton